Photo booth rental questions?

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Q. Which cities do you serve?

A. Photo Booth Mania serves all of Los Angeles County and, depending upon the distance, portions of Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County and the Inland Empire. Contact us with your event city's name and zip code to see if you're in our service area.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

A. It depends somewhat upon the length of the rental period. Please contact us for current pricing. It starts with the cost of our one-price, all-inclusive rental package. After that, it depends upon the number of additional hours you want.

Q. How do I find out if a photo booth is available on our event date?

A. If you are booking several months in advance, there's a good chance your event date is available. To make certain, please call us at (626) 239-3553 or email us with the date, city and Zip Code of the event's location.

Q. How do I reserve a photo booth?

A. Before a photo booth can be considered reserved, you must complete and return our Event Information Sheet and  our Rental Agreement, and pay a deposit. Please note that simply informing us that you want to rent a photo booth on a particular event date does enough reserve a photo booth.

Q. How much deposit is required to reserve a photo booth?

A. 50 percent of the total rental fee, plus California state and local sales tax (currently 8.75 percent in most of Los Angeles). We prefer payment by check , money order or bank transfer. Call and ask about other payment options

Q. Why is it necessary to pay a deposit to rent a photo booth?

A. A deposit insures that a client is serious.. If a client cancels at the last minute it can prevent us from renting the cancelled photo booth to someone else and result in a large loss of revenue for our business. If you cancel more than 30 days before your event, the deposit will be refunded. Cancel less than 30 days prior to your event, and we are able to rent the photo booth you originally rented to another party, your deposit also will be refunded.

Q. When must the balance be paid?

A. The balance in cash prior to set up of the photo booth, when the photo booth attendant arrives, ordinarily one hour prior to the start of the rental period.

Q. What if, in some emergency, such as an automobile accident, you were unable to provide a photo booth for our event?

A. This has never––so far––happened. However, if it did, we would refund any payments you have made in full.

Q. Why wouldn't I want to pay the balance at the event?

Although it sounds like a good idea, we do not recommend this option for weddings and other hi-profile events, where the client (often, the bride or bridegroom), family members, the bridal party, friends and relatives will often be extremely busy at the time the photo booth arrives. Any delay in payment of the balance could cause a delay in set up of the photo booth.

Q. How do I pay the photo booth rental deposit?

A. You will be emailed two documents, an Event Information Sheet and a Rental Agreement. Please compete both documents, sign the rental agreement and mail them and a check for the deposit made out to "Photo Booth Mania", to the address listed on the invoice.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes, but only via PayPal, and you must pay the PayPal credit card processing fees. We work very hard to keep our rental prices low. One of the ways we do that is by eliminating the absorption of unnecessary costs. PayPal/credit card processing charges are one of them.

Q. How much are the PayPal/credit card fees?

A. 2.9 percent of the amount charged plus $0.30.

Q. Which credit cards do you accept via PayPal?

A. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, which are processed by PayPal. PayPal will send you an invoice, which will instruct you how to pay with your credit card via PayPal, which means you must open a PayPal account or have a friend or relative who does have a PayPal account pay for you.

Q. Are there any additional fees to deliver the photo booth to my event?

A. No. There are no delivery fees. Transportation and delivery is included in your quote. However, if your event will have pay or valet parking, we do require payment of this fee.

Q. Is there any additional charge for assembling or disassembling the photo booth?

A. No. Approximately one hour before your rental period begins, an attendant will arrive  to set up the photo booth. They will remain throughout the event to help guests use the photo booth and make certain things run smoothly. They will also pack up the photo booth when and take it away the event is over, which usually take 30 to 45 minutes.

Q. Will someone help the guests use the  photo booth during the rental period?

A. Yes, a Photo Booth Mania attendant will be on hand to show your guests how to operate the photo booth, answer any questions that they may have, replenish printer paper and ink cartridges and troubleshoot any problem that may arise.  At the end of your event, the attendant also will provide you with a DVD containing all of the photo booth images taken during your event.

Q. How many sessions does your photo booth take per hour?

A. Our photo booths take four photos per session and can––realistically––take about 30 sessions per hour, if the photo booth is kept fully busy with a continuous line of subjects the entire time and guests do not dawdle while entering, exiting or inside the photo booth. If your event requires a large number of people to use the photo booth over a short period of time, we recommend renting more than one photo booth.

Q. How many photos can a photo booth take during the rental period?

A. Take all the photos you want, but understand that the total number of photos that can be taken is limited by the number of photos the photo booth equipment can process. Although other photo booth providers may claim more, processing more than around 30 sessions per hour is unrealistic no matter how fast the computer processes the image and the printer creates the prints. People need at least 60 seconds to enter the photo booth, sit down, understand what they must do, take their photos, and exit the booth. But this process, for a variety of reasons, often takes longer. Usually that means––give or take––about 30 sessions per hour.

Q. There will be 200 guests at my wedding. How long of a rental period will I need for everyone to use the photo booth?

A. We recommend at least one hour for every 50 guests. However, please remember that a few people will enter the photo booth alone, and others will use it twice, three, four or even a half dozen times. There may also be times during your event when other activities may compete for their attention. Based upon this information, please use your own best judgment to determine how many hours your guests will need. Renting a photo booth for just a little bit longer insures that everyone will have a chance to use it and some guests will be able to use it multiple times, and the cost of additional hours is almost half the cost of the basic rental package.

Q. How much floor space will the photo booth require?

A. The photo booth has a footprint of about 5 by 5 feet square and is about 7 feet tall, but realistically, when you include a small table to set the printer on at one side (which must adjoin the photo booth) and space in front of the photo booth for entering and exiting the photo booth, it requires a footprint of about 5 feet deep by 8 feet wide.  And since guests will need some space in front of the photo booth to wait in line, to enter and exit the photo booth and to wait to pick up their prints, we generally recommend a minimum of 10 feet deep by 8 feet wide.  If you intend having a scrap book, a larger 6- or 8-foot table and more space may be required, although another option is to have separate tables for the printer and the scrapbook, with the scrapbook table being placed in the vicinity––but not necessarily next to––the photo booth.

Q. How many people can fit inside a photo booth?

A. It fits two or three persons comfortably, but we've seen the faces of 15 people squeeze into a single photo. Granted, not many body parts appear in the pic (it's nearly all faces), but it does make for a very interesting pic.

Q. Is there anything that we need to provide?

A. The venue needs to provide (1) electricity within 50 feet of the photo booth, (2) three armless chairs (banquet chairs are great, but  folding chairs will do), and (3) a small perhaps 3-foot table, which will adjoin the photo booth, to set the printer on. If you're planning to have a scrapbook, however, a larger 6- or 8-foot table is advisable. You could expedite the process by notifying the venue coordinator of our needs.

Q. What preparations should we make if we plan to have guests put their photo booth photos in a scrapbook?

A. It would be a good idea to have a single, larger adjoining table for both the printer and the scrapbook materials. Alternatively, you could place a second, separate table not far from the photo booth. In addition to the scrapbook pages and perhaps the scrapbook itself, we also recommend putting out some scissors, gel pens in appropriate colors, double-sided tape or adhesive strips, and perhaps some stickers and/or lettering.

Q. Is there anything else I need to do for the scrapbook?

It's not absolutely necessary, but a small sign written in the name of the person(s) being honored, which instructs guests to put some of their photos in the scrapbook, can also go a long way toward motivating guests to use the photo booth. Keep the wording short and simple. If it's a wedding, for example, it might say, "Please glue a strip of your photo booth photos in the scrapbook and write a message to Lisa and Jason."

Q. Are your photo booths wheel chair accessible?

A. Absolutely. It only takes a minute to remove the chairs and wheel someone into the photo booth.

Q. Can I get copies of the digital images taken in the photo booth?

A. Yes, a DVD with all the images on it is included in the price. If you're still around following your event, your photo booth attendant will give it you then. If you're not, we will give it to a family member or mail it to you.

Q. Can your photo booth print classic black-and-white strips like the old-time photo booths did in the 1950s?

A. Yes, choose either black-and-white or color. This option is called Duplicate Strip layout. The photo booth prints out two strips on a single sheet of photo paper. This is a popular option for people who want to a make a scrapbook from the event's photos. Guests glue one strip into the scrapbook, then take the other home as a party favor. The strips are somewhat smaller than the old-time black-and-white photo strips and they are usually horizontally-oriented rather than vertically-oriented, but our customers appear to like them because their smaller size makes them more convenient for putting in a scrapbook.

Q. Are there any other printing options?

A. You can also choose to have your photos printed in Grid layout, four unique prints on a single 4" x 6" sheet, which are twice the size of Duplicate Strips, but without duplicate prints.

Q. Can a personal message be printed on the photos?

A. Yes, a personal message and a graphic or logo can be printed on the same sheet as your photos.  If you choose this option, your personal message and graphic must be submitted to Photo Booth Mania at least one week prior to the event date.

Q. Will the digital images from our event be available online?

A. Yes, We post all digital images online in a password-protected gallery shortly after the event, unless otherwise instructed by the client. You can get the password from the event's host. Visitors may also purchase additional prints of themselves, friends or family members and a variety of merchandise with a photo booth image imprinted on them.

Q. I see a lot of photo booths renting for $800, $1200, even $1500. How are your prices kept so competitive?

We can't reveal all our secrets to providing low cost photo booth, but what we can tell you is that Photo Booth Mania photo booths are lightweight and portable, which minimizes the number of people and the size of the vehicle required to move them, which reduces transportation and delivery costs and--in turn--reduces our cost to you.

Q. What happens when I step into the photo booth?

A. First you sit down and make yourself comfortable. You'll see yourself and the friend(s) in the photo booth with you on the Live View Mirror Image Monitor. Then, when you're ready, simply press the button on the floor just one time with your foot. The photo booth will automatically take four photos five seconds apart. Your prints will be available shortly at the printer outside the photo booth.

Q. I was at a wedding where the bride and bridegroom refused to get out of the photo booth. What can be done when something like that happens?

A. We recommend pepper spray. Also, remember, whatever  happens in the photo booth doesn't necessarily stay in the photo booth; it's printed out on high quality photo paper for the whole world to ridicule, and the digital images which go online the following day––potentially––last forever.

For a price quote, please call (626) 239-3553 or send us a message here.

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