A photo booth is a great idea. A scrapbook makes it even better.

Consider having a scrapbook.

Although Photo Booth Mania would be happy to assist you with your desire to have a scrapbook at your event, we do not provide scrapbooks in our rental package, nor do we offer them as an option. We don't sell scrapbooks or the accessories that go with them. However, after being in the photo booth business for several years, we've learned quite a bit about making one: For many occasions, like a wedding, having a scrapbook is an absolute no-brainer.

When to have a photo booth scrapbook.

It depends on what the occasion is.  Is your event being held by or for a company, a group or an association, like a fundraiser or a benefit? Well, then, the answer is: No. On the other hand, does it honor a person, a couple, or a family? Will this be a special event in someone's life, like  a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or a family reunion. If the answer is "yes", then you should consider having a scrapbook.

Why have a photo booth scrapbook.

A scrapbook elevates the idea of having a photo booth at your event from the "great" to the "extraordinary." A scrapbook  makes an wonderful memento for those being celebrated, and it's so inexpensive and easy to do.  Another good reason––and somewhat surprising––is that after seeing their photo booth photos, most people actually have a great deal of fun creating a scrapbook page for a good friend or relative.

Scrapbooks practically make themselves.

At the event, simply lay the scrapbook pages and accessories out on a table located either right next to the photo booth or somewhere in its vicinity. We'll tell your photo booth attendant to instruct guests that the hosts would like them to help make a scrapbook of the photo booth photos from the event. Guests simply snip off an entire photo strip or a few individual photos, glue them onto  a scrapbook page, then write a short note of congratulations to the person(s) being honored. The other photo strip can be taken home as a party favor.  At the end of the event, the scrapbook can be assembled, so the honored guest(s) will end up with a wonderful memento of the occasion. 

What you'll need to make your scrapbook a success.

Creating a photo booth scrapbook is easy.  Simply purchase the scrapbook binding of your choice. Make sure it's post-bound, so the pages can be removed, which allows more than one person to work on the scrapbook at a time. We also like the type with clear vinyl pages that can be removed from the binding, with paper inserts that can be slipped in or out of the vinyl pages. Make sure the paper that comes with the scrapbook is high quality and thick enough to glue the prints down on. It should have the feel and thickness of construction paper. If the paper is to thin, it won't provide a suitable surface for gluing the photos. In that case, buy a pad of card stock in a colors and size suitable for the scrapbook you selected. Other materials you'll need include several gel pens or Sharpies in various colors that will show up well on the paper you've selected, a couple of adhesive strip dispensers or glue sticks and a couple pairs of scissors.  It can also be helpful to have a simple sign that asks guests to use the photo booth and make a scrapbook page. For more information about renting a photo booth and making a scrapbook of the photo booth photos, please call  (626) 239-3553 or email us here.

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