Afterwards, guests often say, "That's the most fun I've had at a wedding...ever!"

A beautiful bride on her wedding day

Few will admit it, least of all your wedding planner, but most wedding favors are garbage. There's a good reason why: Great wedding favors are expensive. But a photo booth not only provides great entertainment value during the reception, it provides each guest with a meaningful wedding favor to take home: the photo strip.

Isn't a professional photographer enough?

Photo Booth Mania would never suggest that you forego hiring a professional wedding photographer to document your wedding. We greatly respect what professional photographers do, and we highly recommend it.

A photo booth elevates a wedding reception from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

There's nothing quite like the unconventionality of a photo booth to make everyone let their hair down. The bride and bridegroom will want pics with family, friends and the wedding party. A Photo Booth Mania photo booth can provide unique photos of the bride and bridegroom together, the wedding couple with the bride and bridegroom's parents, the bride and groom with the wedding party and special friends, as well as many others.

Make a photo booth the centerpiece of your wedding reception.

Although Photo Booth Mania has provided photo booths to almost every type of event imaginable, we do more wedding receptions than any other type of event. We understand the importance of getting things right on your special day. In order to make certain your special day turns out to be unforgettable, we make ourselves available to your wedding coordinator.

Get a free photo booth consultation for your wedding.

Photo Booth Mania would love to show you how a photo booth can become the centerpiece of a your wedding reception. We'll provide tips on the best location to put the photo booth at your reception, how to make sure people use it, and how to estimate the length of your rental period. Also, no wedding photo booth would be complete without a scrapbook dedicated to the photo booth. It makes a wonderful, inexpensive keepsake, and it's so incredibly easy to do.

Is a Photo Booth Mania photo booth the best wedding idea ever?

Absolutely, and for much the same reason, a photo booth can be a big hit at a bridal shower, bachelor party, or anniversary as well. A photo booth is the one wedding idea that can make your wedding reception absolutely unforgettable.

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